Frequently Asked Questions

Wessex Training and Assessment deliver work-based learning. Learners are in paid employment and for some of the awards we deliver it is possible to volunteer in at a setting.
All learners will be allocated an assessor, who work with them throughout their award on a 1-1 basis. The assessor will arrange to come and do observations in the setting, set homework, do personal discussion and tutorials and will be there to give support throughout the award.
All qualifications that Wessex Training and Assessment deliver are through City and Guilds.
All learners who wish to sign up with Wessex Training and Assessment are required to complete an Initial Assessment prior to starting their award. The Initial Assessment is a set of tasks relating to the award the learner is interested in. It will give the learner an idea of what the award is about, the commitment required from them and if they have not studied for some time it helps get them back in the studying mode. All work which is carried out will later be marked off against criteria and is be used as part of their award. By learners completing the Initial assessment it also helps us to determine that they are registered for the correct level. As a company, it is very important to us that we do not set anyone up to fail.
This is not a problem at all, we are happy to assist, help and support with this. Just contact the Head office on 01305 770007 and we will be happy to help.
Wessex Training and Assessment give 3 weeks for the Initial Assessment to be completed and returned for marking? Some learners will do it quicker and others it may take longer. This is no problem at all, we recognise that not everyone works in the same way and will work at different rates. We are flexible with the deadline and the submission date can be extended. All we ask is that learners keep us updated and remember if they require assistance do not be afraid to ask. We are here to help.
Once the Initial Assessment has been completed and submitted it will be marked and feedback given. If all is ok and the learner wishes to continue, funding options will be discussed and applied for. As soon as we have confirmation of funding we will then arrange to sign up our learners and get them started on their award.
Wessex Training currently have access to Apprenticeship Funding, Advanced Learner Loan and Dorset Early Years Funding. We also have some learners which self-fund their award. Please see the funding page for further information.
Sometimes funding will not cover the full cost of a learner’s award and in this situation, there will be a shortfall which needs to be paid. At the time of discussing funding this will be explained to the learner, so they can consider how this will be paid and by whom. If a learner is unable to pay the shortfall amount in full we do offer for this to be paid via instalments and this can be arranged by contacting the Head office.
If a learner has been asked to provide copies of certificates, this will be because it is a requirement for the funding that is being applied for. If the certificates are in a previous name, then you will also need to send in your marriage certificate or deed poll to verify change of name. Please note, if you are applying for funding and you have not provided copies of your certificates it may result in delays of the funding being approved.
Once a learner completes their award the assessor will go to the Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) to be checked. The role of the IQA is to ensure that assessors are making appropriate and consistent judgements when carrying out the assessment of their learners. Once this has been done and all has been approved the certificate is then ordered.
Wessex Training and Assessment have regular EQA visits from City and Guilds. The EQA’s specialise in a certain award and they monitor the quality of assessments delivered by our centre, ensuring our qualifications are delivered inline with regulatory requirements. To help them do this they will randomly select learner’s files that they wish to audit.
Should you need to make a complaint whether you be a learner or an employer, please contact the Head office on 01305 770007 immediately and ask to speak to Lynn Croucher, CEO Wessex Training and Assessment. Alternatively, please put your concern/complaint in writing and email to . Please use this link to access our complaints leaflet.